• consider bullet journaling

    Why You Should Consider Bullet Journaling

    So, aside from all the “prettified” bullet journaling Instagram accounts, and excusing the fact that I'm kind of obsessed with the artsy bit involved with bullet journaling… There's actually a method to the madness, and why you should consider bullet journaling. I'd like to lay it all out for you. We all know that routines have been proven to increase…

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    What should be in a home management binder?

    Home management binders are a fabulous tool for busy families. In this post, I'm going to take you through the categories, sections, and ideas for turning your home management binder into a one-stop spot that suits you and your family's needs exactly the way it should! So you really need to think through what you're about to read here since…

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    The Most Beautifully Simple Kitchen Organizers. Ever.

    It's funny how my home is so not rustic, modern, farmhouse, or any other trendy decor style, but I find myself drooling over real simple kitchen organization ideas, like, all the time. Call it clean and simple, Japanese style, hygge, I'm not sure what trend these fall under, but I swear, this kitchen is just stunning for me. Have you seen the…

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    Mother’s Day 2019

    So – my 2019 Mother’s Day was beautiful. Fantastic in that I woke to my six-year-old bringing me coffee in bed. Remarkable in that shortly after that, my dad brought over some chocolate-covered strawberries, and we all enjoyed one. Perfectly perfect in that around noon, my daughter and I left to meet my mom and spend a few hours together…