• BuJo

    Mistakes Won’t Kill You!

    I swear, I was an amazing speller my whole life. People call me on the phone to ask me how to spell something. High school English teachers made more spelling errors than I did. And so when I made this error in my bujo while trying to do some fancy hand lettering work – I was super pissed at myself.…

  • analog clock sketch in black surface

    First Official Post: 2017 Recap & 2018 Focus

    Alright, so #lifeGlitter has been in existence – in quite its own subtle forms – for a while now. (Most notably, printable planners in my Etsy shop, where you can find printable planner pages, stickers and labels, and more every day, made by me.) There are tons of things I've wanted to do over the years, but this one is…