I know that some of you are probably just getting into journaling, be it in a bullet journal or otherwise. Maybe you're into art journaling! Or you're working on a ‘home binder' and loading it up with printables you find that light you up.

No matter what type of journaling you're loving right now, there are infinite tools and blog posts and Pinterest boards out there to make your head spin. Since I've always been the one who loves school/office supplies, journaling, tracking, and more – I decided to create a list (a constantly growing and evolving list) of my favorite resources and share it with you. 🙂

Now, in reality, all you need to get started is a pen/pencil and some paper or a notebook. You could go as inexpensive as a BIC ballpoint and a composition notebook if you wanted! But if you're looking to feed your new obsession with the fun stuff, then here's a list of supplies that I use and recommend!

Bullet or Notebook Journaling – DIY or Otherwise!


These days, we're at no loss for options when it comes to choosing a great “blank book canvas” to use for our journals, be it bullet (dot grid) paper, lined, or blank. Here are a few I've tried, along with what I love (or don't) – you decide what fits your style and your budget. Know that no matter what, the goal is to just get started!

My current fave is Archer & Olive. I'm also loving Maisie Lane & Co. too, but I literally have almost 2 dozen A&O books waiting for me right now! Both are superior quality papers and bindings, come in adorable collections and colors, and have insanely amazing customer service. Are they inexpensive? No. And if you're just getting started, you may want to hold off on the expensive books until you decide if you really want to keep going (I'm betting you totally will, though.) In that case, shoot for Lemome or Lechturrm.

Honestly, though, the first two are the highest quality dot grid notebooks you're going to find. If you prefer a spiral-bound notebook instead, you can give the Book Factory a try. But don't be fooled by imitations with pretty covers – you can make your own cover (I'll show you how in a future post) anyway!

Planner Binders – most people starting out tend to use your standard printer paper and just print full pages that way, some choose to do what's called ‘half size' – where you get two pages per side of the sheet. Either way, you'll need a binder to pop those babies in when you're ready to start marking.

Half-size, 5.5″ x 8.5″ Binder
Full-size, 8.5″ x 11″ Binder




Zebra Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil – The 0.5mm lead in this baby is a dream to work with, as it's thin enough to use for sketching and pre-planning, and then erases clean away after you've gone over it with a pen or marker.

Fountain Pens


This Hammermill Premium Color 28 lb Copy Paper is my one and only true love when it comes to printer paper. I'm obsessed with how amazing it is with my Canon printer!



Bullet Journal Stencils – These are great if you're just starting out or have an ‘unsteady hand' when it comes to drawing. Bonus that each stencil's edge doubles as a straight edge for making long lines.

Binder Clips – These binder clips help keep your paper flat when you're writing, and I honestly didn't realize what an amazing difference these babies make until I used them. I used to hold my paper down very tightly with one hand and would get SO ANNOYED when doing lettering and the paper would lift. Now, I no longer worry about that – plus, they make great hangers for art pages if you're doing a three-ring binder notebook and need a place for your pages to dry before you add them to your binder!


Art Journaling