Affiliate Disclaimer

From time to time, in the blog, via email, on social media, and through other channels, I make recommendations for third-party products and services that I do not own but may earn a small compensation when you make a purchase.

Important Facts:

  1. I never have and will never endorse a product, service, or business I have not thoroughly investigated, used, and supported 100%.
  2. You will never pay more for purchasing with one of my links. There will be times you'll pay LESS if you do and could earn bonuses for using my link instead of going straight to the site (I will explain this with an appropriate link.)

I make no guarantees regarding the effectiveness or quality of third-party products and services, and I am in no way responsible for the support of such products and services. If you ever encounter an issue with a 3rd party product you discovered through me, you'll need to contact their support team directly. (Although if they are unwilling to resolve a reasonable issue, I'd certainly like to know about it so I may reconsider continuing my support!)