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I am of the mindset that we all get WAY too much email these days. I swear I was down to “inbox zero” one day, and by the time I woke up the next morning, I'd had over 200 new emails!

So aside from my personal goal of organizing my inbox and unsubbing from all those things I accidentally agreed to receive, I wanted to come up with a way where you could sign up for my newsletter to get access to regular emails (well, okay, the goal is once per week but if I find or make something REALLY cool, I'll send it out), any freebies I'm giving out. Eventually, I plan to add a resource library where cool surprises will be added regularly!

I intend to make my newsletter something full of joy, inspiration, and tips and tricks to help you bring more #LifeGlitter to your own world!

Some things you can expect from me:

  • My free, undated, weekly planner includes everything from a habit tracker to meal planner to weekly spread, plus whatever else I decide to throw in there.
  • Exclusive stories, videos, and articles that don't get published to the blog or anywhere else. These could be stories from the heart, resources for inspiration, or just words of encouragement that I feel like we all could use these days.
  • My own weekly goal list, along with reviews of the week prior and looks ahead, to help inspire you to plan your own best week ever.

By signing up below, you're joining a community of people like you who are searching for their own #LifeGlitter and want to commit to living their best life possible.

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