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    Why You Should Consider Bullet Journaling

    So, aside from all the “prettified” bullet journaling Instagram accounts, and excusing the fact that I'm kind of obsessed with the artsy bit involved with bullet journaling… There's actually a method to the madness, and why you should consider bullet journaling. I'd like to lay it all out for you. We all know that routines have been proven to increase…

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    How to Enjoy Winter After the Holidays Are Over

    What? How to enjoy winter? Are you kidding me? Nope. I have always been a bona fide hater of winter. I spent a solid 7 years after high school in the south, where winters were anything but what I grew up with here in New York. But—what with COVID sucking the joy out of life lately, it's been super important…

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    What does it mean to “Live Your Best Life”?

    I need to explain what it means to live your best life, in the way I can only explain it — from my perspective.  This was honestly a life lesson I feel like I learned too late. Today's younger adults truly seem to have gotten this one down pat pretty well, if what I've witnessed is how it is. They've…