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Free February Mood Tracker Printable + January Review

Despite January's craziness, I could still create something special for you for February! Get your copy of the February Mood Tracker printable at the bottom of this post.

It's the time of year when something like 75% of people who set resolutions have already failed or forgotten them. Personally, I forgot my three words for 2023 and had to go look them up. (Reminder: Sticky notes are your friend. Reminder two: Buy sticky notes.)

End of January Review

2023 Words: Health, Relax, Create – Simple Living

My Daughter's Diagnosis & Pain Issues

My daughter developed severe pain in her neck and left shoulder. This happened last year, about this time, but all we could do then was see a chiropractor and physical therapist. She was homeschooled then, so it wasn't an issue. This time, after four days in the children's hospital, they came up empty-handed for a diagnosis, for the most part. We left with fewer answers than we'd hoped for. They even threw all kinds of medications at her, and nothing seemed to help. I mean, medications I would hesitate to take myself. It was crazy.

We learned from an MRI that she has Chiari Malformation Type 1. It's when the section of the skull containing the cerebellum is too small, putting pressure on and crowding the brain. The lower part of the cerebellum (tonsils) is displaced into the upper spinal canal. The vast majority of people who have it don't even know it. Occasionally, (rarely) a person will need a “decompression surgery” later in life. Currently, no doctor seems to think this is connected to her pain. The symptoms of Chiari mimic those of Multiple Sclerosis, and she has none of those symptoms at all.

So she stayed home from school since it began, and only today went back. Anxiety was high, but according to my sources, she made it through the first 4 hours just fine. We still seek chiropractic and physical therapy care. But getting her back to school was an enormous priority; hopefully, today's success continues through February.

My Health Update

My follow-up with my cardiologist went well, and I continue seeing and feeling like my numbers are coming down. It's crazy how your vision changes, numbness and tingling sensations come and go, and your sleep changes. Once you change your blood glucose levels drastically, you feel better. I will likely be on all current medications for life, but I'm okay with that just as long as I get more life to live.

I still can't shovel the driveway or do much heavy exercise, but it's only February. Once the weather gets nicer, my kiddo and I will go for bike rides, hikes, and more!

Creating is Cathartic

I've been working on side projects, printables, and an exciting new plan. I'm creating a members-only area here that will include free and paid options. I want to gather people who know they want and need a bit more “sparkle” in their lives but aren't sure how to get it. And no, I don't mean covering everything with actual glitter!

Decluttering, Redecorating, & Repairing

As far as the house goes, we cleared out my daughter's room (into the living room) and are slowly but surely going through things and eliminating them. As much as possible. She wants what she calls an “aesthetic Harry Potter” type decor. *giggle*

The other night, we spent over an hour decorating the huge mirrors inside her closet door with a bunch of stickers we found. It really excited her and took her mind off the pain, which was a bonus.

We re-hung a kitchen cabinet that had come off the wall, so now I don't have to keep my dishes on the counter! We also moved the refrigerator to sit on an angle in a corner, and we are decluttering the kitchen.

Everything takes us so long due to our health issues, though. Sometimes discouraging because I'm constantly being pulled in many directions (especially my bed), but I get frustrated that my house often looks like a tornado's been through it.

Goals & Plans for February

Once we finish what we started in January, I've got a list of things for February. I feel like making a list here will help keep me accountable somehow. We'll see how that pans out!

  • Go through every single piece of mail and either toss or handle it. I've been collecting my dad's mail and our own since August. Yeah.
  • Do a deep declutter and clean out of my bedroom.
  • Buy and install wall shelves for the kiddo's room and mine.
  • Finish decluttering the kitchen.
  • Declutter & organize the hall closet.
  • Create ten printables for spring releases.
  • Write and publish five blog posts.
  • Work on the new membership area.

I think that's enough. In fact, it's a little lofty, if I'm being brutally honest, but I will try. I am still recovering from my heart attack, the whole family is loaded with doctor appointments, and then there's work for my biggest client due all the time. But what good is setting goals if you don't aim high?

What are your plans and goals for February? Share in the comments!

Free February Mood Tracker

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