How to Resize Planner Printables for Any Size Planner (Including Travelers Notebook)

So, because I'm a super busy mom with so many things and people to take care of, I can't always create printables in every size of planner out there. It's not that it's too difficult; it's just that taking the time to resize planner printables for any size planner means that I've got to consider them all, and it's just easier to offer up one or two sizes and show you how to print planner printables that will meed the size of your specific planner!

Until I get around to recording my own videos on this, I've done the research for you and found many great video walkthroughs that make it super simple to follow along. There's also a nifty little cheat sheet plus a simple math formula you can use to help you print any planner printable in any size forever!

Make sure that you consider your computer before you choose your guide. It's a slightly different process for mac versus windows. You'll need Adobe Reader no matter what, which is free, so grab that now if you haven't already.

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How to Print a Planner, Step One: Accessing Your Printables

The first step in this process is accessing your printables. If you purchased through Etsy or any other site besides this one, you must check your email for the download link (it comes right from Etsy or is housed inside your account on that site). Download the file, and you’re already halfway there!

Download & Save

This is the easy part… download your files and save them to your computer in their own special place. I try to organize my computer just as much as I do everything else after decades of doing it “wrong.” Use a folder system that makes sense for you. (I’ll post a blog about organizing computer files soon!)

Saving via Google Drive

Sometimes, you’ll get a PDF after your purchase with a link to either a Google Drive version of the file or possibly Dropbox. This is basically to decrease the chance of any bandwidth issues here or on whichever site you ordered.

Your printable may direct you to a Drive Document, PDF, or image. Either way, you should see a download icon in the upper-righthand corner.

Click on this icon to print off your product. You can now save the file to your computer. Be sure to put it somewhere easy for you to find later and in a folder system that works for you.

How To Print Planner Pages, Step Two: Understanding Page Sizes Before You Resize Planner Printables

First, gather information about your planner.

How big are the inserts for your planner? Get out a ruler or measuring tape and determine the length and width of your planner pages. Write it down somewhere you’ll remember (hint: somewhere in your planner)!

The most common printable sizes are A6, A5, A4, and Letter. Understanding these sizes can help you print your new planner pages from home! Refer to the visual below for help!

Essentially, A5 is half A4, and A6 is half A5. Likewise, a half-letter is half of the letter size. 


11.7 x 8.3 inches
210 x 297 mm
2480 x 3508 pixels


5.8 x 8.3 inches
148 x 210 mm
1748 x 2480 pixels


4.1 x 5.8 inches
105 x 148 mm
1240 x 1748 pixels


8.5 x 11.0 inches
216 x 279 mm
2550 x 3300 pixels


4.25 x 5.5 inches
108 x 139.5 mm
1225 x 1650 pixels

Want an easy formula to know how to set your printing? No problem. 

It’s super easy to determine the percentage to resize planner printables to print your planner pages. Here’s the simple formula for any printable that comes in US Letter size. This formula will NOT work to resize other printables, though. Just the US Letter size!

  1. WIDTH of your planner insert size ÷ 8.5 = N
  2. N x 100 = percent to print your planner page.

Example: Imagine your planner insert size is 3.7 inches wide.

3.7 ÷ 8.5 = 0.43529
0.44 x 100 = 44%

So if you take a US Letter sized PDF page and print it at 44%, it'll fit in your planner! If you need more space to punch holes, try sizing down a few percentage points more, and you should be good to go.

*Note: Put your standard Letter sized paper in your printer and print directly onto that page first, then cut the printable out of that paper. You can usually choose an option when printing to “print crop/corner marks” to get little markers on the page showing you where to cut!

You'll probably need a paper cutter for anything that's not US Letter and a hole punch that suits your binder. Here are some of my faves: