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Finding affordable art supplies online isn’t always an easy task. In this post and video, I test some affordable (aka cheap) fineliners I bought on Amazon.

Anyone who’s spent a minimum of 5 minutes combined in any bullet journaling facebook group has heard of fine liners as being the ultimate go-to method for adding color, using keys, and even doodling in your bujo. Affordable art supplies can be tough to shop for online, especially if you’re looking at making an initial investment. Being that normally my art supplies revolve around clay or paint, maybe some wire and beads here and there, I had to try something when I decided to get into bullet journaling.

So I’d ordered some inexpensive fine liner pens from Amazon, and the first batch that came were just complete junk. Missing nibs, cap colors, ink colors completely off, and even some missing ink.

I wrote to the seller and they were nice enough to send me a replacement set of these wonderful bullet journaling art supplies at no cost. (So no, these weren’t gifted to me and this isn’t a sponsored video of any kind. I paid for a working set and they sent me one.)

After you watch, let me know in the comments where you find your favorite affordable art supplies online!


Fineliner Color Pens Set:
Strathmore Sketch Paper Notebook:

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