Mother’s Day 2019

So – my 2019 Mother’s Day was beautiful. Fantastic in that I woke to my six-year-old bringing me coffee in bed. Remarkable in that shortly after that, my dad brought over some chocolate-covered strawberries, and we all enjoyed one.

Perfectly perfect in that around noon, my daughter and I left to meet my mom and spend a few hours together getting pedicures and eating Mexican food.

Extraordinary in that upon arriving home, my Hunny had made a ginormous dinner, with kielbasa (which made me think (and miss) even more of my lovely grandmother) and not one but TWO homemade pies. With his grandmothers’ recipes. Lemon meringue and strawberry. And I have no prettiful pics to share because forks. We ate them up, and they were delicious!

I just wanted to take a few moments to talk about what motherhood has been like for me. After a way-too-long-to-get-into-it story of how a doctor once had me convinced I needed to “hurry up and do it before he takes my uterus,” – I was blessed with the most amazing, perfect, wonderful little girl.

That was nearly seven years ago, and she gets more wonderful every day. Yes – it’s interesting how as moms, we get to watch our hearts run around outside our bodies and that it’s all too easy to let the frustration and stress get in the way of still thinking they get more wonderful every day. But, it’s true. Everything is a learning experience for them – still – and it’s just breathtaking to me how I can be flipping out on her to brush her teeth after asking her to do it ten freaking times already and then AT THE SAME TIME want to hug and kiss and snuggle and BE PRESENT with her.

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