The Most Beautifully Simple Kitchen Organizers. Ever.

It's funny how my home is so not rustic, modern, farmhouse, or any other trendy decor style, but I find myself drooling over real simple kitchen organization ideas, like, all the time. Call it clean and simple, Japanese style, hygge, I'm not sure what trend these fall under, but I swear, this kitchen is just stunning for me. Have you seen the line of kitchen tools/storage/organization stuff from YAMAZAKI

I mean… LOOK…

Image (ALL) Credit: Amazon

I know I said I don't have any trendy style in my house. I may be willing to change my entire mind at this point.

The complete line is clean lines and a simple utilitarian style – made of sturdy steel (but all painted white), often featuring a touch of wood for some earthy-ness. I know they're designed and manufactured in Japan, but I get this Scandinavian vibe from them also… These are just so beautiful and simple!

Check out the most simple organization ideas I've found:

YAMAZAKI Home Magnetic Spice Rack

This handy rack is excellent for holding your everyday spices, some paper towels for quick cleanup, and frequently used cooking utensils or tools.

You can also use it on the inside of a cabinet to hold things like cleaning supplies, or put it outside near the herb garden with a pair of shears and a colander to collect fresh herbs and veggies for your meals! 

YAMAZAKI Home Tosca Cutting Board Stand

I don't use wooden cutting boards (I'm kind of anti-anything-that-requires-extra-cleaning-time kind of girl). UPDATE: Husband brought home some new cabinets and a butcher block countertop since I first wrote this post. I love it… but I don't like the extra work, and how it stains so easily. It does look amazing though!

But I can totally see my purple and aqua plastic boards sitting in this baby (or these, if you need a new set – they're antimicrobial)! And if you've got the super-thin ones, you could probably put multiple ones in there. Or use it to put some serving trays on display. Or really nice plates. Or… or… 

YAMAZAKI Home Tosca Under Shelf Paper Towel Holder

Okay, this is what's convinced me to consider losing the cabinets and replacing them with shelves. THIS. I want this freaking kitchen, please!!

Check out the entire YAMAZAKI line right here! Which would you choose?

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