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The Raven King – The Soul Bearers Collection


The Raven King – paper clay, acrylics, and silver leaf

Approx 5 inches tall, this little soul bearer is happiest on a bookshelf (that's why his friends The Lemur King and The Cat Queen hang there with him here at my house), but will be a lovely, quirky, and one of a kind addition to any spot!

FYI – He’s not creepy at all. Just a steadfast guardian, embracing his soul as we all should embrace our own!

Bring The Raven King home and he will guard your tales as he's done mine.

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Joyful Day – Limited Edition Fine Art Print, Signed, Numbered

This is the second in a series of paintings I made while my family and I were trying to get through a stressful time. I called her “Joyful Day” because she was what happened on Day 2 of my painting stint.

I’m offering 20 limited edition, signed and numbered prints in the 9” x 12” size.
The image will be slightly smaller, to allow for room to sign and number.
I will not be creating more than 20 of these high-quality giclee prints in this size, so if you love her, grab one now!

Original and larger print sizes available. Please check the shop links or contact me for details.


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Wise Woman With Heart – The Soul Bearers Collection

This lovely lady appeared wearing a look of wisdom on her face. She knows something about you. About your heart. About how you should listen to yourself and be brave!

I discovered the joy in creating these lovely ‘soul bearers’ after taking an online class. What’s truly amazing about them is how they just truly… appear out of nowhere! I never know when I get started, how they’re going to present themselves. I don’t even know until the very end when they ‘tell me’ they’re finished, that it’s time to let them go!

Creating these beauties has been such a wonderful experience, and I definitely intend on making more! I hope she speaks to your soul as she did to mine.

Incredibly lightweight, and approximately 4” tall.
Materials: Paper clay, acrylic paint, varnish

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Welcome to my online space, where the girly web geek part of me meets the artsy, mess-maker part of me all in one spot!

I am a mom, wife, artist, and digital do-er, working at making the art bit into my sole career.

Here you’ll find videos of me working, opportunities to buy one of a kind art or home decor items from amazing companies with beautiful products, as well as a little peek inside my day-to-day living and creating experiences.

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for visiting!

Seek Joy – Inspirational Art Print – Galaxy Design

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